Pecron E1000F/E1500F Portable Power Station Support Super-Fast Charging: 0 To 80% In Three Hours

Pecron E1000 portable power station
Pecron Upgraded E1000/E1500 Portable Power Station With Super-Fast Charging Technology That Halved The Time To Fully Recharge Them.


Pecron E1000 and E1500 portable power station are the two major players under Pecron E-series generator, they feature rectangular shape with a robust handle to enhance their portability. Equipped with multi-function output ports including FOUR 110V AC output portsTWO QC3.0 USB ports and ONE 12V DC port, they are capable to power up to seven devices at a time.

Pecron E1000 portable power station


The compact body of E1000/E1500 pack an automotive-grade battery with capacity of 1028Wh/1461Wh at its core, and supports 1000W/1500W output power to meet most needs on different situations. In the time where power cannot be easily obtained such as camping, working off the grid and emergency rescuing, E1000/E1500 equips you with reliable power to keep your essential devices charged. During power outage, it can quickly change its role to a handy backup power source.

Pecron E1500 portable power station


In order to provide a better user experience for our customer, Pecron has made continuous progress in researching and developing, and advanced the E1000/E1500 with super-fast charging technology, which has improved the original charging speed and made recharging more efficient. It only takes 3 hours to charge E1500F from 0 to 80%, 5 hours to 100%; and 2 hours to charge E1000F to 80%, 3.5 hours to 100%, which has a superior advantage over its competitors on the market including Jackery, GoalZero and Bluetti. This greatly shortened user’s waiting time while charging so that those electricity-run equipment can stay ready and at maximum effectiveness

Pecron E1500 portable power station


To cater different needs of users, Pecron will continue to deepen the field of outdoor power station, and develop more cutting-edge products to provide users with best convenience and safest power solutions.

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