Why My Solar Panel Is Underperformed?

Why My Solar Panel Is Underperformed?

Why my solar panel is not charging my solar generator at all?

Faulty Solar Panel

Overaged: If you have been using your solar panel for a long time, it is reasonable to expect that your solar panel has lost its efficiency due to damaged solar module, broken grid line, or hot spot which is caused by greater temperature around weak cells

Faulty Battery or Charge Controller

You can’t expect to charge a battery if it is broken, and your battery won’t charge either if the charge controller is faulty. 99% solar generators on the market have either PWM or MPPT charge controller built in, and if the battery can be discharged properly, then the problem should be on the charge controller.

Wrong Setup

Your solar kit will end up with a non-function system without a proper setup for your solar panels. Wrong setup includes improper connection, bad connections, and messing up the positive and negative polarity

Mismatch Voltage(most common)

It is a simple fact that the current will always go from a point of high voltage to low voltage. If you want to charge your 24V battery with 12V(AKA 18V) solar panel, you have to wire at least two panels in series to get a higher operating voltage for your system. We have seen many customers claimed they were unable to charge Pecron E1000, S1500, Q3000S. with Aurora100 solar panel due to the same reasons

But a 12V solar panel can be used directly on the DC5521 port of the E3000/E2000LFP/E600LFP/E1500 PRO: Voc 12V-18V/100W/7A MAX. 

Environmental Factor.

Your solar system may not work at all in some extreme weather conditions or without proper sunlight. If there are buildings and trees near your solar panel, the shade will lower your voltage and charging won’t happen.


Why my solar panel has low output?

Dust and Dirt

Dust or other particle accumulate on the surface of solar panels, even with a small area, partially blocking sunlight and could result in a significant decrease of their energy output.

Shadow from Trees/Building

Shadows from new constructions, trees can block the sunlight received by your panels. A study by Stanford University's Gil Masters proved that shading just one out of 36 cells in a small solar module can reduce power output by over 75%

Malfunctioning Components

If there’s an issue with any part of your solar system — solar panels, wiring, charge controller, batteries, etc. — it can lead to a reduced panel output.

Seasonal Variation

Weather and temperature also play a part in energy production across the seasons. Solar panels function more efficiently at cooler temperatures. As the temperature rises, the panel generates less voltage and becomes less efficient, producing less electricity.

Efficiency Loss

The amount of electricity that panels can generate still declines gradually over time even for the most efficient solar panels. High-quality solar panels degrade at a rate of around 0.5% every year, generating around 12-15% less power at the end of their last five years.

Inefficient Charge Controller
The charge controller regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery, not only a low-quality charge controller will jam the energy from the solar panel to the battery, but it can also impede the system life. And in general, MPPT charge control devices have 30 % more efficient in charge efficiency compared to PWM type.(Article: Solar Charge Controller Comparison: MPPT VS PWM)


It’s important to understand that solar panels will rarely generate their claimed wattage — they are tested under ideal laboratory conditions, which are not achieved in backyard installations.


Solar Charge Controller Comparison: MPPT VS PWM
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