E2000LFP 2000W 1920Wh Expandable Up to 8KW


PECRON "All-IN-ONE" Solar Power Solution

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E2000 LFP: 2000W 1920Wh Solar Generator

LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
1200W Solar Input Max
Expandable Up to 8kWh, Home Backup Energy Power
1-2 Hours Super Fast Charging


E1500LFP: 2200W 1536Wh Power Station

LiFePo4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%.
Expandbale Up to 7650Wh.
UPS Function. Wifi Remate, Bluetooth APP Control.
Fast Charging: 1.8H; DC 30A Output


Pecron E2000LFP (1,920Wh): I discussed this unit briefly earlier as the runner up to the Delta Mini in the "best portable power station for camping" race. It has more options than the Mini and is suitably priced. I'm also a fan of any of the companies that adopt the modular approach with the capability to expand capacity with external batteries like Pecron has done. You can also pick up a rolling caddy for the unit if you're on the go.

Pecron E2000LFP Real-World Testing- 1920Wh of power on tap with 2000W of output makes for a very capable portable power station. If you’re worried about being able to maintain basic electrical services to your home during a blackout (or you need portable power for activities like camping) the Pecron E2000LFP is well worth considering. It offers a lot of power, a lot of outputs, and a lot of flexibility (should you choose to expand its base capabilities) at a very compelling price.

Pecron gives good value for money with its new E2000LFP, a 2000W power station based on LFP battery technology and with expandable battery options. Its wide voltage range on two inputs is suitable for solar charging,

On the front of the Pecron E3000, you’ll find a series of rubber dust/splash covers hiding 15 different output power ports. with 3,108Wh of capacity, there’s a lot of stored energy in this behemoth. With 1,200W of input power, you could get the Pecron E3000 charged up in under two hours from solar power alone! That’s the kind of turnaround time you want in a disaster scenario!

The Pecron E1500 Pro is a 1450W capacity battery power station with both AC and DC outputs and a wireless charger along with multiple ways to recharge it. The Pecron E1500 Pro power station has a very durable design built to withstand the rigors of long-term use. So I’m happy to report that since receiving the Pecron E1500 Pro power station I have not experienced any power outages, It ran our big Samsung refrigerator without an issue. Same for the toaster, coffee maker, and other small appliances.